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Mari has always loved a good groove (her passion for dancing/tapdancing),and based on that good groove she puts all her passions and different elements into it. She challenges herself as an arranger in the styles she loves , such as "Disney"- harmonizations in choir and strings, bossa nova, easy listening and so on. In the soundscape, you mostly hear Mari as a multi-musician, performing on instruments such as gut-string guitar, organ, piano, rhodes, string-ensemble , choir, violin –improvisations and vocals, combined with an extraordinary rhythm section.
Music from the old movies has had a big influence on Mari's music. She loves the "old" sound of a string ensemble with exaggerated glissandos and vibratos . Mari is also a big fan of great jazz- pianists such as Jan Johansson, Bill Evans and singers Ella, Billie, Sassy, Monica Zetterlund and Blossom Dearie who she was lucky to meet in NY 2005. While living in Brazil, mari discovered and and found great pleasure in listening to Brazilian musicians such as Tom Jobim, Edu Lobo, Vinicius Moraes, Quarteto em Cy, Noel Rosa, Joao Gilberto, Marisa Monte, Elis Regina and her favourite singer Marisa "Gata" Mansa. Mari also studied tango in Buenos Aires with the great violinist Mauricio Marcelli (Pugliese) and got her first piece for string ensemble, "Linjer", performed in 2003 by the ESML orchestra at the Teatro Sao Carlos in Lisbon. Among others of Maris favourite artists, are Brian Wilson, Burt Bacharach, Henry Mancini, Jimmy Rodgers, Michael Jackson, Carlos Gardel, Charles Trenet, Serge Gainsbourg, Harry Brandelius, The Carpenters, The Monn Keys, Coleman Hawkins, Stuff Smith, Claus Ogerman, Gram Parsons, Prince - to name but a few.
Mari lives in Bergen, Norway where she works as a musician and composer.She is a member of the Norwegian grammy award- nominated band The Royalties and plays with several other bands. Mari has arranged strings for artists such as Sondre Lerche, TNT , The Royalties and HP Gundersen. She is also credited as a violinist on several albums with various artists such as Madrugada (Lift me), Claudia Scott, Sondre Lerche, Louis Philippe, Pogo Pops to name but a few.
Mari's debut album was released in Norway in september 2009 and soon became one of the most critically acclaimed albums in Norway that year. The song "Melody" was B-listed on Norway's biggest radio station NRK P1 for almost three months. Mari Persen's album will also be available in Japan and Thailand during 2010.
E-mail musicforrecords(at) to purhcase your copy of Mari Persen - "Mari Persen". 20 Euros included worldwide shipping, payment through PayPal.


View Mari Persen's EPK
View Mari Persen's EPK
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