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Mobilee rec.
Marcin Czubala is not your typical techno artist. Part of this might have to do with the fact that he hails from Poland, not Berlin. Part of it is connected to his classical music studies: between 1991 and 1994 he performed in over 300 concerts, including the Nantes Festival, Warsaw Autumn, and even performances with the experimental-music giant Krzysztof Penderecki. Ultimately, though, what sets Marcin apart is his personal style, that most difficult to define of all musical criteria. While grounded in minimal house and techno, Marcin's work always bears his unmistakable signature: slinky, bouncy, and full of mystery and seduction.

Following from his work in the classical sphere, Marcin's career as a DJ and producer dates back to 1995, when he graduated music school in Poznan. In 1999 he founded Poland's first techno label, Currently Processing; his early output was equally influenced by Brighton techno and experimental electronic music. Marcin recorded some 17 singles and one album, for labels like Neue Heimat and Morris Audio, before joining up with mobilee in 2007.

Marcin recorded two singles for mobilee in just six months, and in his short time with the label he's gone on to release four singles and one LP. Marcin boasts a refined sound that draws heavily upon classic minimal techno: spare, bleepy and not a little anxious. While remaining true to that bare-bones ideal, Marcin has expanded his sound with each of his mobilee releases. Chronicles of Never, his 2008 LP, is his most complete artistsic statement yet: its 10 tracks are supple and unpredictable, encompassing irresistible rhythms, unusual melodies, lush sound design, and an instinct for classic forms. Inspired by minimal techno, but not bound to its rules, Marcin continues to forge a sound that's his alone.
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