Robert Glasper - Jesus Children [feat Lalah Hathaway, Malcolm Jamal Warner] - Video
PUBLISHED:  Nov 15, 2015
"Jesus Children"
by Robert Glasper / Robert Glasper Experiment
Composed by Stevie Wonder


[Hook: Lalah Hathaway]

Hello Jesus
Jesus children
Jesus loves you
Jesus children
Hello children
Jesus loves you of America

[Verse 1: Lalah Hathaway}

Are you hearing
What he's saying
Are you feeling
What you're praying
Are you hearing, praying, feeling
What you say, inside


You better tell
Your story fast
And if you lie
It will come to pass


[Malcolm Jamal Warner]

Cries of young lives sing silly songs of laughter in the life after
Hurt, ego, and misguided pride which lead to lies the soul can no longer stand to bear
But I see twenty children standing there beaming bright in angel light as they take flight
Together they smile the type sunlight that makes the devil backtrack into his lair
Yeah, these young souls are soothsayers, spiritual players
Accelerated graduators of this game called life
Spitting sixteens making Biggie breakdance and Frankie sing like Lalah's dad
With ten thousand other souls watching true love withhold nothing
And through dried tears we will spend the next few years silently screaming "why"
Until we realize that their spiritual awakening already understood their undertaking
Of the moment they appeared in the womb playing Romper Room
Creating heated debates that should have been sparked sooner than the dark hell of December 2012
And now, now, now they dance the story of masters much faster than the polygamous pastor can tell a lie
Faster than you can wipe from your eyes the soot of deceit
No, these kids dance the story that tells us to delete the feeling of being incomplete from our consciousness
To let these six and seven year olds take a hold of our consciousness
To remind us to laugh, scream, and let our inner child fly
Higher than deferred dreams seldom seen
Through the lens of love and gratitude, let's give our children love and gratitude
Fly high
Shine, and fly high
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