Maja Petrovna

London, UK
Artist / Band / Musician
Experimental / Acoustic / Electronica
“ Compelling… And out there presence of Maja Petrovna, with a deep Dietrich like voice, this one woman show was fascinating. She makes Bjork look like Britney. So strange. And strangely attractive…. ” - Lloyd Bradford, BRAG live reviews 2008 - Visit Maja's official web site to watch her showreel or film music to hear more of her soundtrack work.

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Maja Petrovna Hilcisin is a Bosnian/Polish vocalist, concert artist and film composer. Her first writing began at the age of 13, in the undergrounds of Sarajevo city where she grew up. Developing her voice and learning guitar and piano “ by ear”, long before Bosnian war ended she later then attended formal training in Renaissance music, Orchestration, Operatic singing, Piano and Classical guitar at Sarajevo Music School. She has worked in the music industries between Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Sydney and Tokyo. Having composed and orchestrated original music for the Apple Podcasts series for Baz Luhrmann‘s recent "Australia", Tourism Australia TVC- a global advertising campaign, USA Vogue with Annie Leibovitz Ad, Maja has also shared the bill with international artists including Les Yeux Noirs and Ben Walsh. She has performed many of one woman shows playing her original songs, bringing various instruments on stage such as accordion, piano, guitar, voice and numerous toy instruments. Sharing her music with more then usual audience she spent few years leading a music therapy workshops for autistic children and adults across Europe.

Her work ranges from writing lyrics and singing in hard core/punk and drum n bass bands to writing orchestral film scores. Significant element in Maja‘s compositional work is her voice, streching its techincs and range to far ends, often seducing into dark or antient emotional landscapes. She blurs the line between sound design and music, creating loops by sampling traffic, music boxes or trains which she laters blends with musical instruments. From dramatic emotional soundscapes to toy like lullabies, Maja’s music carries a unique voice with a compleing emotional intelegence.

Last 6 years she has been based in Sydney working as a film composer and solo performer. Spending few years deeply dedicated to film work, finishing a Master’s Degree in Film Music Composition at AFTRS (Australian Film, Television and Radio School), she has composed original scores for over 16 short films, also feature thriller “ Snakes and Ladders” directed by Bolywood director Naveet Choujar, Baz Luhrmann's recant "Australia" project, collaboration with Revolver Film composing for Tourism Australia TVC and other Australian Film Productions. As a vocalist and instrumentalist she has collaborated with noted Sydney musicians such as Ben Walsh (The Bird), Tony Buck (The Necks), Trevor Brown (Waitting for Guinness) and many more. She spent few years playing in two peace band Ponyclub Massacre formed with a violin player/performer Naomi Radom (CODA). They have done many of their own shows, also supported artists such as Kaki King, The Old Man River, Hugo Race, Howling Bells, Inga Liljestrom.etc. 2004 they finished their self titled debut.

Maja is now based in London, continuing on composing for film and performing concert shows. Currently she is releasing her new solo record “ One day it happened, one day its going to happen again”. From ilustrations, CD art work to writing, the entire record was written, recorded and produced by Maja Petrovna. Teaming up with arial artist Meiwah Williams and drummer/composer Ben Walsh, she is currently composing original score for a new dance theatre piece “ Las Dos Fridas”. The vivid imigery of Frida Kahlo’s life will be brought back to life to some of the leading Berlin, Spanish and Australian theatres, by breath taking arial perormances of Meiwah Williams, 8 meters above the heads of the audience, choreographed around dramatic soundcapes and haunting vocals by Maja Petrovna, whose music and presence will be choreographed and performed live. Las Dos Fridas tour will be the reason to Maja’s brief return to Australian theatres towards the end of 2010. Further info on Maja’s performance and film work will be available on her official site
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