CHICAGO, Illinois, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Electro / Grunge / Blues
Imaginary Conflict (USA) / Wwilko (FR)
In 1999, Jim Magas, with no knowledge or background in electronic music or its production set out to become a one-man force in electronic rock. Beginnings were shaky as Magas struggled to achieve the new sounds he was hearing in his brain. How could he make it more powerful? Magas began honing his new craft on the same stages that he once commanded as singer of LAKE OF DRACULA and COUCH. MAGAS' raw charm attracted the attention of Detroit's ADULT, who released BAD BLOOD and FRIENDS FOREVER on their Ersatz Audio imprint. At Ersatz headquarters, MAGAS got a crash-course in analog synthesizers and production. With a new improved sound and a couple of records under his belt, Magas began performing across Europe and North America, playing clubs, festivals, squats, basements, lofts and the occasional Tastee Freez parking lot. In between, MAGAS worked on remixes for BOBBY CONN, LES GEORGES LENINGRAD, ARTHUR BAKER and RA-X, building up his Wizardlook studio piece-by-piece. By the time MAGAS was set adrift by the hiatus of ERSATZ AUDIO, he had already built his studio to a point where he and was able to respond with his most powerful and individualistic solo work to date: MAY I MEET MY ACCUSER. Magas had finally achieved a sound that he had been striving for. Three years later, now in full command of this heavy new sound, MAGAS returns with his most turbulent and concise solo work to date: VIOLENT ARP. All songs were recorded at Wizardlook and once again mastered by former LAKE OF DRACULA partner WEASEL WALTER, this mini-LP on Punch Records will shake you in a new kind of way.

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