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-----------------------------MAD3 PROFILE------------------------------EDDIE LEGEND (ex The's) is the god sent saviour of rock n' roll. This man absorbed punk, mod and rockabilly early on and conspired with friends HARUTO and KYO in 1989 to become MAD3. Aesthetics, hard work and passion for music created a unique chemical reaction of style which fast became a topic between rock freaks.

They soon entered the gig series named 'BACK FROM THE GRAVE' along with bands The 5, 6, 7, 8's and Guitar Wolf, etc.

They became the foundation of the garage rock scene and their first single 'PRINCE OF FUZZ' (7’’) was released on GIANT CLAW in Australia. Because of this opportunity they received many offers from larger overseas distributors and record labels. Several 7” were released, which are now very difficult to get.

In 1996, their first album ‘JACK THE VIOLENCE' was released on the label TIME BOMB in Osaka. This miraculous, mind blowing work of Rock’n’roll entered the news all over the world. It was written as a ‘top 5’ favourite album of the year by many different reviewers in the legendary punk rock fanzine 'MAXIMUM ROCK’N’ROLL’. From teenagers to the musically maniacal, MAD3 has an amazing impact on people all over the world.

All three United States tours also succeeded. Afterwards, they released their 2nd album 'TEENAGE DELINQUENT' ('98/TIMEBOMB), a full mini album 'NAPALM IN THE MORNING' ('98/TIME BOMB), a live album 'WE ARE THE MAD CREW' ('98/LOFT), a single compilation 'GOD FUZZER' ('99/TIME BOMB), as well as compilation CDs and tribute CDs on different record labels.

MAD3’s audience kept steadily growing, whipping them into frenzy with every new gig. In September 2000, they debuted on a major record label, MIDI, releasing 'ROCK'N'ROLL KINGDOM'. The band’s fan base and activities could be seen breaking from the underground scene and they began to construct their kingdom of rock n’ roll with a larger audience. Afterwards, 'FOREVER TEENAGE' was released on MIDI records in October 2001. And then the PV that raged by the primitive man style the topic single 'SEX IN THE JUNGLE' overturned our expectations and was brilliant.

During the first British tour in January 2002, we saw a miraculous moment that the audience called "WE WANT MAD".

The hardcore punk band that MAD3 has worshiped as their heroes, Chaos UK, also rushed to the gig. This helped to carve MAD3’s name into British memories. After taking a short break, the band started up their own label called ROCK 'N' ROLL KINGDOM, and in 2004 released two singles called "KING PYRAMID SPECIAL". A triangular, special jacket sleeve helped get it into the news.

The second British tour, which was organized by Gabba of Chaos UK in 2005, succeeded too. The building blocks for a new legend were born.

‘LOST TOKYO’ was released in October of 2006 and is MAD3’s highest masterpiece of their 17 years career.

Some say rock n’ roll is dead, or that it’s become predictable, but MAD3 has single handedly squashed all doubts about the direction of music today. The future and hope of rock is here, they are the rock n’ roll saviours! They are never afraid of going the hard route, taking on a challenge and evolving as a band, and once you find yourself hooked on them, you will surely experience a miracle

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