Nashville, Tennessee, US
Artist / Band / Musician
The songs of shapeshifting folk ensemble lylas are sparkling bits of

unusual pop. Like a coffin shaped candy bin, lylas populates its world with

bloody nightgowns, suburban dissatisfaction, friendly demons, and pre-teen

princesses with a penchant for the macabre. Here, silent ghosts of

Flannery O'connor and Jeffrey Eugenides watch you accidentally

ride your bike into a neighborhood that at first seems a little too shiny - until one of its peculiar populace takes you by the hand and shows you around. Too much

candy isn't good for you; lylas knowingly weaves dark strings and

unusual instrumentation in and out of its seemingly innocent songs so

that even if you don't catch the lyrics at first, the listener has a

hint that something sinister is afoot. lylas is not for everyone.

There is no outright political or social rage here, no condemnation.

But rather the creation of a self-enclosed world. Understanding that

is essential to understanding this music. Like a beautiful nightmare -

it's the lovely she-vampire, the enticing succubus. you have to be

willing to step into the lylas kingdom. It won't shout at you, but

like a vampire it will love you to death.

To purchase some lylas music:

.makes a friend 2003 cd

you know.lylas 2003 7" single

What is undead anyway? 2005 Halloween 7"

Lessons for lovers 2006 CD
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