Lunabee & Swan

Brussels - Bristol, Be
Artist / Band / Musician
Melodramatic Popular Song / Trip Hop / Electronica
Lunabee and Swan met over MySpace.
It was the Spring of 2006 and Jo Swan had just made an ILYA page and was getting to grips with meeting new people in this strange new territory of self promotion.
Whilst randomly circumnavigating her way around, Jo stumbled across Lunabee's page and found that she was unable to tear herself away. In fact she wanted to move in. It was a case of 'love at first listen' and so she sent Lunabee a message saying .''I worship the altar of Lunabeeand by the way I would love to sing on one of the songs for your next album''. A week later an entire albums worth of fabulous tracks crying out for vocals landed in the in-box of the Ilya studio computer and a beautiful relationship was born.
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