NorCal Solano, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Emo / Hardcore / Punk
They shall remain nameless
Dont hate, CONGRADULTE ^_^

Welcome to the Official MYSPACE of DJSOCCERSOCKS

All those who would like to get to know her on a PERSONAL LEVEl Check out the new page by adding THIS email address:

Much love to all!!!

ALL MY SCHOOL MATES.I was a student at Wheatland High, Alameda High, Bear River, Chipman Middle.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

There is more to me that the eye CAN NOT see you have most definitely have to TALK to me, HANG OUT with me WORK with me. WANT to get to know me to truly know who I am.

I smile ALOT I laugh ALOT I hug people I love EVERYONE but dare not get me mad.

I don't like attitude towards me, especially if I haven't done anything to you

I hate drama, and if you're having a bad day . I am more than happy to talk to you about it just don't take it out on me cuz I WILL

*repeat* WILL bitch you out royally. I am sensitive, if you cause one tear drop to fall from my eye YOU WILL BE ON MY SHITLIST

it grows daily

I'm not sorry for who I am why sugar coat itI tell it how it is.

On a lighter note I AM a huge ♥ HOPELESS ROMANTIC. ♥

I believe in :










The full nine yards. I'm currently SINGLE and I don't know if I have found him yet.

something tells me he is under my nose but until I find out for sure I just don't know.

Now for a little SG TIDBIT ON YOURS TRULY!!

AGE: 22 (February 25, 1984)

GENDER: SuicideGirl

LOCATION: California

HOMETOWN: Fairfield

OCCUPATION: Makeup slut and Drink maker

WHY I DID SG: I'm in love with my melons and I like to share then with you.

STATS: 99.9% spice

BODY MODS: holes here and there and twice as much ink

FAVORITE FILMS: 40 year old virgin( the scene withthat girl in the tub with the shower head. WOW

VICES: Boys, sex, cinnamon, bubblegum, lollypops,greentea and INK


MOST HUMBLING MOMENT: When ya fall for someone and they introduce you to their girlfriend. FUCK THAT!

5 ITEMS I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: family, money, internet,chapstick,love

MAKES ME HAPPY: Renting hotel rooms and trashing them.

GETS ME HOT: Covering myself head to toe in kerosine while standing next to a smoker WORKS EVERY TIME!!

FANTASY: SCREWING YOU BLUE no wait too late.

CURRENT THOUGHTS ON SG: It's the hottest place to be.

WISHLIST: American (pimpin socks and short skirts)

***THE END***

Before I continue with anything else I have devoted a minor section to 5 of my girls.

XOXOXO Tila ,Jenna and Christine Dolce XOXOXO

Christine ♥

Tila ♥

Jenna ♥

The many Faces of me

So I look familiar??. I either went to school with you work with you or I'm your ex girlfriend Such endless possibilities or

Here are some Ads/shows you may have seen me in:

Macy's Fashion Show Union Square 2002

Hanes 2003 Asia Release

Walnut Creek Fair Apearance with agency 2002- 2004

Solano county Fair Apearance with agency 2003-2004

Clearly Cosmetics 2003

Sunlabs sunscreen lines appearance with Rachel of "ARE YOU HOT?"2003

Givenchy Model SF 2003

Kenneth Cole Model SF 2003

Curcuit City/Popular Mechanic's 100 aniversary Appearance with Agency

MTV w/ Chris of BFS *Thanks for the love*

The Pound SF w/ Bowling for soup and 10 foot pole and dexter danger *Awsome guys*

    ♥ DJSoccerSocks ♥ 's Friend Space ♥ DJSoccersocks ♥ has Helluh friends.  Tokyo's finest Blasian   My lovely Suicidegirl Brandi   I love and miss you too Abbiepookins!! xoxox   I LOVE HER!!! Christine   Mr Cutie Booty   My CRAZY Cuzzo Rach I LUB YOU!   Fuckin Movie Star/Producer YOU ARE THEE SHIT!    ♥ I love my brother Jaydeezy FO REAL ♥    "NEEDS MORE COW BELL!! " hahJAKE   MY TWINNY-TWIN-TWIN!!! I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH!! Heather    Hephie   They love me to death!!! UNDEROATH!!!   Jacoby Shaddix's cousin/EX KWOD DJ/ Current Live105 DJ/My ex boyfriend    I Love the Guys I LOVE their band I HATE their girlfriends THE USED    SHE is the reason why I am THEE SHIT at work XOXOX MC Snowflake   he's a friggin teddy bear ZEKE  View ALL of my peoples bada-bing!Customize your own shit by clicking HERE.     ♥ This is MY comment box ^_^ Show me some LOVIN!!:You know what to do. Dang you're nosey!!
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