Lost Sounds - Clones don't love - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jan 28, 2011
Lost Sounds was a rock band from Memphis, Tennessee. Starting in March 1999, the band was made up of Rich Crook on drums, Patrick Jordan on bass, Jay Reatard on synth, guitar and vocals, and Alicja Trout also on synth, guitar and vocals. The band, originally working within the garage rock genre, had a collection of analog keyboards Trout had used in her previous band The Clears. The bizarre combination of new wave synths and mangled guitars showed a Darkwave influence as well. The band frequently dealt with dark, apocalyptic themes ranging from the Book of Revelation (Breathing Machine) to the Columbine High School shootings (Blackcoats/Whitefear). The band's last show was in May 2005 in Stuttgart, Germany.

I plan it at night cause the clones are all sleeping
I go up the stairs where the clones are all sleeping

They keep giving me dirty looks everywhere
Clones don't love anyone you see
Clones don't love anyone like me

I'm gonna kill them but I'm keeping it a secret
Batteries and nails and a few short fuses
I'll go to heaven and they'll turn to ashes

Eliminate the race of clones
They keep giving me dirty looks
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