Los Gatos Locos

New Jersey, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Psychobilly / Punk / Surf
Los Gatos Locos was created in Seattle Washington in 1994, combining elements of classic horror, 80's slasher, and camp sci-fi themes with a mixture of rockabilly, punk, garage, surf, and metal music to create one of the worlds most respected psychobilly bands of all time. Unfortunately the decade and a half long life span of Los Gatos Locos has (so far) seen limited releases, 1995's Juvenile Delinquent 7", 1997's Psychobillyun Baptism cd, 2001's Demo's Outtakes, and Rarities, and various compilation's on cd and video featuring previously released material. The fortunate part is that the few releases available have churned out genuine psychobilly classics! 2008 marked a definning point in the LGL world, and with full support of the classic line-up, it was decided that to benefit the legacy of LGL a new road had to be taken. 2009 will mark the return of Los Gatos Locos with a new full length album, a new 7" vinyl release, an unreleased song on yet another psychobilly compilation, and a new line-up. Look here for updates on release dates and live information as we draw nearer to '09!

Current line up:

Charlie Splatterhead: vox

Yasuo "Sgt. Kabuki Man": bass

Matt Heretic: guitar

Justin: drums

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