the lonelyhearts

Iowa City, Iowa, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Southern Rock / Shoegaze / Folk Rock
Three Ring Records

"The battle is at its crisis; every night the Germans fly over England; it comes closer to this house daily. If we are beaten - however we solve that problem, and one solution is apparently suicide (so it was decided three nights ago in London among us) - [song] writing becomes doubtful. But I wish to go on, not to settle down in that dismal puddle." -- V.W., June 8th, 1940.

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"[This] is a phenomenal album (see the start) that should be thoroughly enjoyed with the albums gifted lyrics in one hand and a deep, 90+ proof bottle in the other. The only time this album should be allowed to gather dust is when I die and fail to will it out to my lover . sad songs are (still) my new friends." -- Slightly Confusing to a Stranger Review of Dispatch (2005) --
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