Logan Whitehurst

Los Banos, California
Artist / Band / Musician
Indie / Alternative / Other
Pandacide Records
The Very Tiny Songs Project is now complete! There are 80 songs there for FREE download until July 21st, when most will be removed to make way for the new full-length cd: Very Tiny Songs! If you sent a song suggestion to me, please send me another message giving me your full name and the song you suggested so your name can go in the cd! Hurry! The artwork is almost finished!CLICK HERE to download the EXCLUSIVE Nigel Stinkwell interview, recorded on May 20th, 2006.Now you can click the album covers below to download complete versions of my first two albums (Outsmartin' the Popos, 1997; I Would Be A Biggest Octopus, 1998). The other album covers will direct you to my Online Store where you may purchase "How Does An Electrostatic Motor Work?"(1999), "Earth Is Big"(2000), or "The Mini-Album of Luv"(2003). You know, if you want to. "Goodbye, My 4-Track"(2003) and "Very Tiny Songs" are available at www.pandacide.com. CLICK AWAY!!!

Available now: the 2nd edition of the etching I made for the 2002 Velvet Teen album "Out Of The Fierce Parade (Slowdance Records)." It is a professionally-produced archival giclee print on archival quality watercolor paper, 18"x7" in size, perfect for matting and framing. The price per print is a mere $40 (plus shipping & handling). This image seems richer than it is on the actual cd artwork, since it is a more accurate representation of the original printed image. Click the thumbnail for an actual-size internet-quality look at the image. Click the link below to order one with a credit card (that just makes keeping records a bit easier).

Buy @ Loganwhitehurst.com

"I was born when I was a baby in the very late 1970s.

Originally, I was a much smaller version of myself with shorter legs and arms, a smaller head, and smaller versions of all my organs. As I waited for everything to grow to adult size, I wasted time figuring out how to play musical instruments. The drums, concertina, and piano were easiest, so I stuck with those and sang along sometimes.

I went to Sonoma State University to study Printmaking and I now do a lot of designing for bands and their merchandise.

I was the drummer for the bands Primrose Path, Little Tin Frog, The Secret Band, and The Velvet Teen (in that order) from 1995 until 2004. I also helped out on drums for Tsunami Bomb for like a week or something until they found someone more permanent.

In 1996, I started messing around with a 4-track and made a lot of noisy song-like things. In 1998, I met Vanilla and we started playing shows under the name Logan Whitehurst and the Junior Science Club. Our mp3.com site had 101,000 downloads before it was eaten by the Universal monster. Vanilla claims to have written all of my songs, as well as the songs of all other musical groups known to humanity. He has a bit of a self-glorification complex.

I recently successfully finished treatment for brain cancer.

My musical goals include someday playing on Conan O'Brien, being associated in some way with the Muppets or Sesame Street, touring around the US and Japan, supporting myself through my music and artwork, and making songs that I like to listen to."

--Logan Whitehurst

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