Little Embers

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Little Embers is a collaborative effort featuring Theresa Hoffmann & her husband Anthony Rizzo. While she writes the songs, he provides the setting from which the tunes take flight. Influenced by artists such as Wilco, Paul Westerberg and Lucinda Williams, L.E. has found their own unique style. As a founding member of the critically acclaimed punk band Garden Variety, and best known for his work in Vic Thrill and the Saturn Missile, Rizzo's sensitive, but assertive electric guitar draws upon a rich and varied musical background. Combined with Theresa's ghostly evocative songwriting, the combination is compelling. Theirs is roots music of a decidedly different stripe; the cool fire of their soulful sound has been impressing New York City audiences for some time and Little Embers' presence in the emerging Queens music scene cannot be underestimated.

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