Judy V

Buena Park, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Jazz / Acoustic / Pop
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Judy Valencerina, raised in Oxnard, CA is a Filipino American singer-songwriter, now based in the OC. She has been playing piano since the age of 5. Hip chord progressions and intricate rhythmic devices can be heard on her debut EP, Turn It Around, which is now being sold at local LA and OC shows and will soon be available online. She is currently working on her next project, All at Once, a collection of love songs that she proudly hails as "happier tunes from a happier place" compared to her previous writing that was largely fueled by heartache and break-ups.
Judy's music has been likened to that of Ben Folds, Carole King, and Fiona Apple. Her songs have a similar jazzy-soul feel and progression to them. However, Valencerina's influences also trace back to her high school days of marching band. (Her song “Crumble” seemingly incorporates a strong oom-pah beat, cleverly stringed together with an old time tin-pan-alley feel.) In this respect, she is more of a “throwback” artist.
Comparisons to her jazz pianist/singer-songwriter predecessor, Norah Jones, are inevitable. However, Judy's sound is arguably more groove-based, pop-friendly, yet substantial – both lyrically and musically. Her vocal abilities also stand out. As evidenced by such tracks as “Halfway” and “Not Tonight”, they are sweet and soothing one minute, yet fiery and powerful the next.
Throughout college, she rediscovered her passion for playing in ensembles and turned her focus to the study of both percussion and jazz. During this time, Judy played as a background and front musician in orchestras, chamber groups, choirs and small combos. Her songwriting began in her early 20's for other bands and singers, then eventually for herself. After a few years of open mics, booking other artists as well as herself in the Ventura County area, and working as a graphic designer, she is now in the OC, back on track, ready to share her new songs with a wider audience.
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