Liberation Prophecy

Artist / Band / Musician
Experimental / Nu-Jazz / Indie
Basement Front Records
Louisville Music News says:

"Imagine ameeting of Charles Mingus, Sun-Ra, and Carla Bley, if you can stretch your minds this far"

Leo Weekly says:

"They are open, wierd, and creative with their instruments: it's a carnival of sound that mixes Sun Ra and Charles Mingus to something Zappa would have done.

Liberation Prophecy has been described by acclaimed pianist and composer Chuck Marohnic as.

"Some of the freshest music I've heard in years. The writing and playing is intelligent, humorous, and thought provoking."

And Harry Pickens, empowering activist, educator and pianist with countless jazz greats including, Kenny Garrett, Robert Hurst, Dizzy Gillespie, and Freddie Hubbard says.

"Liberation Prophecy is a powerful journey through countell moods, textures, dimensions, and possibilities. The groups' considerable viruosity takes a back seat to pure expression---at times raw, at times haunting, at times melancholy, and at times jubilant---but always real."

Liberation Prophecy has recently recorded and filmed with several great Louisville bands for an indy project called, "Burn to Shine", the brainchild of Breandan Canty from Fugazi and filmmaker Christopher Green, set to be released soon. Liberation Prophecy is also working with other artists and movers on a major unity ensemble concert and project for peace and tolerance.

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