Liaisons Dangereuses

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Liaisons Dangereuses. Cloaked in mystery, Liaisons Dangereuses had an unusually powerful and alluring vision designed by Chrislo Haas from D.A.F. and Beate Bartel from Mania D. They found a rather magical singer named Krishna Goineau for their album who sang with passionate despair in French, Spanish, German, and a fractured gaggle of Broken English. This unbelievably romantic album was mixed at Conny Plank Studios and originally released on vinyl in October 1981. With an infectous collage of electronic rhythms, perhaps not heard of nor imagined before, combined with explosions and scenery changes to keep listeners entirely disoriented from start to finish, Liaisons Dangereuses paved the way for most all EBM music since it's release. The album carried the single "Los Ninos del Parque" which became an instant and obvious hit on every dance floor it captured, and twenty-five years later still remains a champion. Countless movements of electronic music (Detroit Techno, Chicago House and the current Electroclash to name a few) have cited the Liaisons Dangereuses album as a crucial influence to their cause. Among the devoted include Dj legends Derrick May, Carl Craig, Dj Hell and CK May.

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