LessThanAMinute - Let You Know - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jul 07, 2013
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Every time I loose my mind
I know the reason why
When you pass me by
My heart get's wild
Cause I've seen you in my dreamin' time

That's why I want to
And I need to let you know
Well I got to, you're all I'm hoping for

If I was blind and could not see
I know that you would set me free
Even if I was a stranger to you
It would be enough for me

Anyway, close or far
20 hours or just one bar
I'll keep it straight, never pretend
Cause there is nothing this love can't mend

These days
There is a new reality
Everything important can happen
In one second of time and change the course of your destiny
Don't you wanna be free --i know that I do
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