LessThanAMinute - Heart Is Where It Hurts The Most (LIVE) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jul 02, 2010
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Recorded at Teatar &TD in February 2010.Zagreb

I'd like to call you, suddenly i find
Your way of freedom is giving me a peace of mind
Would you like to do things you only dream about
Let yourself go in these arms of mine
Oh I'd like to tell you-I'd like to be your dream- come- true
I'd like to fill your heart with everything so beautifull

Saw you in the mornin' sun, felt you in the breeze
Heard you singin'peacefully you set my soul at ease
Every night you walk into, walk into my dream
I remember every mornin' how it seemed so real
So one day I just went away i had to find your heart
Had to find yor sweet green eyes that shook my dreams apart
Way across the galaxy you left your trace for me
But I couldn't find the right key to the place you might be

I just want to put you in the trance
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