LessThanAMinute - Try To Believe (LIVE) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jul 01, 2010
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Recorded at Teatar &TD in February 2010.zagreb
Licensed by Creative Commons

Numerous occasions walk through this life
Only thing you can rely upon
Beautiful imagination always rises up to the top
If your sight is clear
You try to believe
And make an exception
For beautiful changes
They come in this life
The only thing that matters
Is to believe in your senses
Try to stay alive by the only thing that keeps you awake
Anything that causes pain will deliver you grace at the end of the way

Now the only thing that riddles me
Is how to stay forever
Do we die?
Or do we dance after

Riding on the wings of passion time lets you give yourself away
In the silent army of spiritual soldiers fighting for the brighter day
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