LessThanAMinute - Fildjan - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jul 07, 2013
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Can I take you
To my world
Made of sweet dreams
And imagination

Opened hearts glow there
Melodies flow
Unchaining, revealing the love

Like one and only truth
One and only proof
To go on!!

There`s a big storm inside
Blowin` in my mind
An ocean of freedom
Rhythm as a healer

Eyes that seek, eternally
Waiting for the punch
Of an awaken kind!

Can i show you
How to fly
To the unknown
Above the sky

I` m askin` for nothing
Nothing in return
Hoping that i can be your guide

To that one and only place
You can feel embrace
In the arms of love.

Halle to the name...halle in the name of truth
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