The amazing dream team of Amiri Baraka akka Leroy Jones at a tv show in 1968. - Video
PUBLISHED:  Oct 01, 2012
Imagine Roxanne Shante, Public Enemy, the Beastie Boys, Afrika Bambaataa, The Last Poets, Grandmaster Flash & the Furious 5, Kool Herc & Coke La Rock, Ice T all together !
Here is the legendary history of hip hop, the young mcs tear up the screen with their awesome rap. This can be consider as the public birth of this genre. The first rap at the TV. They show activism at his top in the straight line of the Black Panthers.
These first mcs presented as the Young Spirit House Movers and Players come from Leroy Jones « Black Arts Repertory Theatre School ».
At the fall of the fifties this poet found Totem Press editions and publish beat generation poets like Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder, Kerouak. In the sixties he is one of the origins of hip hop style before the last poets with his Black Dada Nihilismus song and he change is name in 1965 after the death of Malcom X to Imamu Amiri Baraka.

Using synched movements and poetry, the kids address various issues from inequality to the lack of a well-rounded black history curriculum in the schools. One girl states affectingly: "We are taught to hate ourselves...America, why did you bring us here?" But the underlying message from Jones through these kids is the importance of pride and self-empowerment. As one of the children says near the end: "Today is ours/Let's take it."

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One last thing I'm not Black or White nor than any other colors, maybe if you need to put a label on me I am more Transparent. The problem is not the color of our skin : it has been just a tool in the hands of the capitalism. Don't give your power to the capitalism. Resist against the modern slavery. It's time to heal earth of this cancer. By changing our habits, by being no more afraid by big brother, by creating an hopefull future.

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