The Petti Test Ep.4: Reverse Engineering Joker's "Tron" / Creating Heavy Synth Bass Sounds - Video
PUBLISHED:  May 21, 2012
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In this new video tutorial series The Petti Test, Dubspot Instructor and sound programmer-extraordinaire Chris Petti will put any sound to test! Petti will be deciphering and reverse-engineering sounds and recordings submitted by anyone from anywhere! If you want to put a sound to the Petti Test, email

In this new installment I am reverse engineering a sound off of a Joker track. The track is called "Tron". The sound in question is the main lead line for the drop. His crew and camp call it the "purple wow" sound. I really like the sound and find it to be off the beaten path of much of the other dubstep that I am hearing out there. I though that this one would be a great deal of fun as you will see that it is combining some of the concepts and elements that we have already looked at in previous episodes. Hope you enjoy, and keep watching! - Chris Petti

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