Legends of Motorsport

Melbourne, Victoria, AU
Artist / Band / Musician
Torn & Frayed
In the Beginning there was Yeah Uh Huh.
Legends have long spoken of Yeah Uh Huh as a primal force,
the fountainhead of all that is good, but at the dawning of the 21st Century Yeah Uh Huh was in decline - its message diluted, its power scattered.
And so it was that Lightbulb Fyshwick was sent on a quest to find the source
of Yeah Uh Huh. After a lengthy pilgramage to the beard capitals of the world he wound up in the Riff Mountains of Morocco where the true Yeah Uh Huh was revealed unto him. Having thus been ordained as a minister of Yeah Uh Huh Lightbulb returned to Legends HQ to spread the good word of Yeah Uh Huh.
So it is written: that Legends of Motorsport will bring the
Yeah Uh Huh to the faithful, and on the new album, entitled "Yeah Uh Huh" and available now through Low Transit Industries, will perform the Rites of Yeah Uh Huh as handed down from the ancients.
Yeah Uh Huh.
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