Lazy MC's

Brooklyn and LA, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Electronica / Hip Hop / Tango
Drop Forge Enterprises
Two Cali playboys escape death, discover new species,

crash parties, and make beats. Barely under the

influence, these bad driving, high flying, wit

spitting MC’s take on such issues as: Silverback

Gorilla behavior, Lost Antiquities and Global

revolution, Hip hop vacationing, and Gourmet

Extravaganzas…Bitterly ridiculous and sarcastic at

their best, these two MCs alternate verses and

chorus’s with party-host charm, and Big-Bad-Wolf-

blow-your-house-down voices. Not bad for bartenders

with asthma and a history of unscrupulous behavior.

Nige Navigator is a creative writer whose prose and

short fiction put smiles on faces and fills bellies

with laughter. He and Bonus Maxamus began their

collaboration while in college at San Francisco State,

and working together in Night Clubs and bars in

downtown San Francisco. Bonus Maxamus is a video

editor and writer whose known to bend the rules and

offend the prude. These two savvy men don’t spare any

expense in this super-produced, living room inspired,

double wrapped burrito of an LP!!! Or do they spare

anything at all? Spare ribs maybe, because these

traxxx are saucy, meaty, and spicy with jazzy,

electro-funk beats, and poetic, everyday working man

lyrics. If you sat on your ass in a recliner, smoking

kush, and talking shit, could you

write such uber nasty rhymes or make sex worthy beats?

That’s why they are the

Lazy MCs. Not everybody could be so awesomely

inspired by so very little. Stack a load, pour a

whiskey, tell your boss your running late, and pop in

the new LAZY MCS!!!
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