Laurent de Wilde

Artist / Band / Musician
Jazz / Electro
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I was born in the USA but raised in France where I studied litterature and philosophy, before realizing that I couldn't live without playing music !

So in my early twenties I moved to New York to study jazz with the masters. I started playing in town, and soon enough was recording with some of my favourite musicians, like Billy Hart, Jack de Johnette, Eddie Henderson, Lewis Nash, etc.

In 1991 I moved back to Paris where I still live, but continued to record and play with my friends from New York. My career in France took a happy turn and my trio got nice reviews and rewards (prix Django Reinhart, Victoires de la Musique), and we travelled around the world with my buddies Ira Coleman and Dion Parson.

In 1996, I published a biography of the great Thelonious Monk, and the book was really appreciated; it was translated in english, italian, japanese and spanish, and belongs in french to the "folio" collection.

With the turn of the century, I got really interested in electronics in music, switched labels from Sony to Warner, and started to explore the captivating fields of nu-jazz.

Between 2000 and 2004, I put out 3 electro albums with 3 different bands, before releasing in 2006 an acoustic trio album with a band I still perform with today. Meanwhile, I released in 2007 a duo album (the eleventh under my own name)involving the live confrontation of an acoustic piano and a computer.

My hope is to keep on playing and recording both acoustic and electronic music, while travelling the world to disover new places, people and ideas.
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