Palm Beach, Florida, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Electro / Techno / Down-tempo
Larry "Exzakt" McCormick is a producer, website administrator (www.electroalliance.net), and label owner (Monotone USA). His brand of electro is old-school inspired by Cybotron and Kraftwerk. It minimally approximates the noise of machines whirring away, dominating our lives. Since moving from West Palm Beach, Florida to Frankfurt, Germany to work alongside enigmatic popkiller, Anthony Rother, EXZAKT has been touring across Europe, journeying from the British Isles to Croatia, spreading the message that electro is the sound of the future. MR - Urb Magazine, Urb's Next 100
Exzakt - Speaker Breaka (Monotone)
Debonaire & Exzakt - Ignition (Debonaire Records)
Exzakt - Futureshock E.P. (Exceleration)
Exzakt - More Bounce - Electro Endeavors Volume 2 - (BFP)
Exzakt - Reworked and Remixed (Monotone U.S.A.)
Exzakt - Clarity - V/A Electro Endeavors - (BFP)
Exzakt - Second Wave Remixes - w/ Tipper (SatRX)
Exzakt - Repressed (Monotone)
Exzakt - The Second Wave E.P. (Satamile)
Hyde vs. Exzakt - I Am The Enemy (Monotone)
Netzwerk Florida - Earth. Wind. Fire/ (Monotone)
Netzwerk Florida - Netzwerk Florida (PSI49NET)
Resident Alien - Florida Electro Artists Vol. 2 (Frajile Recordings)
Exzakt - Musik is the Drug Remixes (Monotone)
Exzakt & Draco - Future Soundscapes (Release Records)
Exzakt - Electronic Dream E.P. (Nuff Nuff Music)
Resident Alien - Machine Vs. Man (Frajile Recordings)
Exzakt - Musik is the Drug (Frajile Recordings)
Exzakt - Off Course (Exceleration)
Resident Alien - Radio Killer E.P. (Frajile Recordings)
Metaminds - Outside Looking In (Exceleration)
Foundation - Bring It Back (Exceleration)
Resident Alien - Florida Electro Artists EP Vol.1 (Frajile)
Leather Strip - Invade My Body - Exzakt & Rubberdoll Remix (Alfa Martix)
New World Order - Body Machine - Exzakt & Sinistar Remix (BFP)
Front 242 - Headhunter - Exzakt's Vicennial Mix (Promo)
Dave Clarke feat Chicks on Speed - What was her Name - Exzakt's VIP Remix
uNN - The Hidden Note - Larry McCormick Mix (Electrolux / Mikrolux)
Boris Divider - Extincion Humana - Larry McCormick Mix (Drivecom)
Imatran Voima - Techno Slut - Exzakt vs. DBS Rmx (Monotone)
Tiefshwarz - Warning Siren - Larry McCormick Remix (Fine)
Hacker and Miss Kitten - 1982 - Larry McCormick Remix (Gigolo)
Anthony Rother - Biomechanik -Larry McCormick Mix (PSI49NET)
Freddy Fresh - Black Out – Exzakt Blacked Out Remix (EMF)
Decal - Burn From The Inside – Exzakt Remix – (Satamile RX)
Supreme.ja - The Darkside - Exzakt Remix (Exceleration)
DJ Snowman -Waves - Exzakt Remix (Sound Records)
BFX - Alone - Exzakt Remix (Made From Concentrate)
Exzakt - Alpha_Omega (Monotone)
Exzakt - Evolve (Nuff Nuff/Monotone)
Exzakt & James Wolfe - Resident Alien (Frajile Recordings)
Nu Electro - Volume One (Street Sounds)
Anthony Rother - In Electro We Trust - CD / 3 x vinyl (Datapunk)
Various - Billy Nasty: Electro (Trustthedj.com)
Various - This is not the 80's -2xCD (Inc-redible / Sony)
Anthony Rother: Electro Commando I – 2xCD / 3 x vinyl (PSI49NET)
Future Sound of Breaks Volume 1 (FSOB)
Mix CD's
Exzakt - Electro Endeavors Mix Session One (BFP)
Exzakt - Lust. Love. Electro (Monotone)
Exzakt - Electro Breakz Vol. 6 (Streetbeat)
Draco & Exzakt - Future Soundscapes (Release Records)
Larry McCormick - Global Electronics Vol. 1 (Monotone)
Larry McCormick - Global Electronics Vol. 2 (Monotone)
Larry McCormick - Global Electronics Vol. 3 (Monotone)
Adult Films
Cheating Housewives 7 (Smash Pictures)
Registered Nurses 2 (Smash Pictures)
Cheating Housewives 6 (Smash Pictures)
Cheating Housewives 3 (Smash Pictures)
Whale Tails 3 (Smash Pictures)
Booty Climax 3 (Smash Pictures)
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