Edison Standard Phonograph: I Wish That You Belonged To Me - Jones & Murray - Video
PUBLISHED:  Aug 18, 2013
I wish that you belonged to me composed by Raymond A. Browne (1871-1922). Recorded by Ada Jones & Billy Murray in 1913 on blue amberol cylinder.

Ada Jones & Billy Murray lived in Long Island, NY and were the most popular comedic vocal artists of their time being recorded on cylinder and disc records during their long careers.

This phonograph is the Edison standard model A dating between 1898-1900, originally playing brown and black wax two minute cylinders. This model was the first spring wound phonograph that Thomas Edison produced in 1898 and this particular machine was upgraded in the factory between 1909-1910 with a clutch to allow the new amberol four minute cylinders to be played as well.
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