Kurt Vile

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Folk Rock / Psychedelic / Pop
gulcher, backslider, richie records, juicy starz
BOOKING US contact eric@groundcontroltouring.com // EU/UK steven@toutpartout.be Square Shells 12" ep OUT NOW on matador records!! brand spankin newest thing. workin on next full length as we speak with maniac John Agnello. sweet times all around!!! "god is saying this to you" 12" mini-lp back in print on mexican summer. Kurt Vile "Childish Prodigy" -ultimate full-length recorded by philly-genius engineer Jeff Zeigler- OUT NOW on matador records. shit, yes!!! features the violators in addiition to a bunch from kv's trusty psyche-pool of music friends. "he's alright" 7" OUT NOW on matador as well, contains two songs on the b side that you can't git nowheres else. kv: Constant Hitmaker vinyl lp OUT NOW on Woodsist! kurt vile & the violators: The Hunchback 12" ep OUT NOW on richie records//testostertunes. cd still available and i tunes.
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