Sarajevo, BA
Artist / Band / Musician
Black Metal
Atrum Toringi / Walk Records
KRV was formed in the beginning of 2003. by Koldvoid (guitars), Ban Krvnik (guitars), Kurvar (drums), Vihor (bass) and Bjes (vocals).

The idea was to play Old School Black metal with minimalistic riffs. The main influences were first two albums of Bombarder and almighty Darkthrone. First live appearance KRV had with great Koldbrann and Grenjar at a concert in Sarajevo on 28. August 2003. The show was great and people accepted KRV very well.

After that concert KRV suffered some line up changes. Koldvoid leaves and Vihor takes over the guitar duties. Soon, new bassist was found in an embodiment of Kralj Teror. Band continues with live shows and in very short period of time KRV became one of the most significant metal bands in B&H.

Along with gigs band was working on their fist album called "Silna volja srebra" (released by Walk Records). In September of 2004. KRV was support act for Benediction. After a concert in Zabok (Croatia) with The Stone, Bjes leaves the band and Ban Krvnik takes over the vocal parts.

In October 2006. KRV was offered by Uriel Productions to do a Balkan tour with their blood brothers, Norway's KOLDBRANN. Band played in five cities: Rijeka, Zagreb, Belgrade, Sarajevo and Dubrovnik. The tour was a huge success. Also, in August 2006, KRV entered Sacrament studio in Sarajevo and recorded it's second album entitled "Ukleta zemljo" (Cursed Land) which will be released by Walk Records in winter 2006/07.

2007., till now was the most succesfull year for the band, since they have signed three deals outside the balkan region. "U Kamenom Grobu" is the title of limited tape EP which has been released by Medieval Music Productions and also there is a limited tape version of their second full lenght album "Ukleta Zemljo". This version contains a brand new layout and some bonus tracks that are unavailable on CD version.

In April 2007, KRV signed an unholy pact with German label Atrum Toringi Records for release of their third full lenght album entitled "Ponor". The album has been released on 9-th February 2008 as a gatefold LP.
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