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As a young Japanese boy, Yuga originally wanted to be a manga creator or a computer game programmer until he grabbed his first electronic guitar. He soon became interested in computer music and bought his first sequencer and synthesizer.
A few years later, He felt he seemed to be having tremendous difficulty with his life-style, and thus he got totally fed up with his life in Japan. He impulsively left Japan with a small day bag and a largish bath towel from Marks and Spencer, and wandered around Eurasian countries for some years. In his wandering years, he was so fascinated with the sound of sitar in India that he leaned sitar there. He also came up with an idea to create some kind of electronic music featuring sitar as the lead instrument. In India he had a lot of special experiences and went through many changes within himself. He had some kind of inexplicably transcendental experience in the holy town Varanasi. So he thinks Varanasi is his second home town.
He went to Europe after he left India. When he was busking on a street in Amsterdam, he was invited to Norway by a Norwegian producer, and experienced some professional studio sessions as a sitar player there.
After he returned to Japan, he resumed his own music projects. He initially used his computer just as a recorder, and wasn't very interested in designing his own sound. As time goes by and his desire for creating his own unique sounds grows, he naturally started to learn how to program synthesizer patches, and for a period of time, he just created sounds and didn't write any songs.
He hadn't been much into beat programming, until he started to listen to some bleepy artists such as Boards of Canada and Amon Tobin. He now (has to) spend quite some time for beat programming.
Now he has finally acquired sitar, sound design, and music production skills and tools required to create music he has had in his mind for many years, he calls this style of music electoraga.
But because of his mercurial nature, he has problem with sticking to a specific style of music and tends to go eclectic. He lately started to record his own singing, and now mainly training his skills as a singer, as he has written a bunch of vocal songs in addition to instrumental songs and he wants to somehow make them audible before his time expires.
He had been interested in creating experimental music that no one has created. He is, however, now more interested in creating music, which is a tad fresh and new yet somewhat cheesy, in other words, a catchy avant pop/rock music.
I'm looking for collaborators in the Tokyo metropolis area. If your are a singer or a musician (cellist is particularly wanted), feel free to contact me.
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