Koinz Kaliba

Michigan, Washington DC, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Rap / Freestyle
The streets have produced many MC's, but none quite like Koinz Kaliba. Hailing from the mid-west, Koinz sharpened his blade right in the center of the dominant East, South and West styles of hip hop to create a flow that slices through the hardest tracks and a swagger that showcases his talent as one of a kind. Nothing has been given to him, he has earned it all on his own. That's the only way to survive in the ghettos of America. Growing up in Muskegon and Lansing, Michigan, Koinz Kaliba born Lagregary "Greg" Blackman had very little supervision. Shortly after his 6th birthday, Greg was on the 5:00 news after being the innocent bystander of a feud between his mother and her boyfriend, leaving him in critical condition from the gunshot wounds. this event and his eventual recovery left a lasting imprint in his mind and body and would personally affirm his ability to overcome the odds. Even amongst the grimiest situations the hood has to offer, he had the cunning to take care of business and keep it moving. After finding some stability in high school, Greg hooked up with Wes, a local musician that went to the same school. It wasn't until the mid to late nineties that the two would start to craft their styles at the local infamous "House of Hits" in lansing. With three bedroom studios with the booth in the closet, and waves of local producers and mc's coming through every three hours, Greg quickly rose to the top among the fierce competition and keep it moving. In the midst of making music during the day and hustling at night, Greg by now Koinz Kaliba, decided to move to DC where Wes was living at the time. He saw that DC was a better place to be than Michigan for trying to make it. There the two would continue to stay in the studio everyday until 6:00AM and then go to their "regular jobs" at 10:00AM. Soon they hooked up with two other mc's and they formed the group Koondalini. As a member of Koondalini they would go on to complete and independently release an album as well as be featured in the Nationally released DVD "Hip Hop Task Force". Two of their songs also appeared on thier soundtrack. Koinz Kaliba has now focused on his solo career and has had his verse on compilations from here to Quebec, Canada. It is hard to categorize his style as anything other than HOT! Put him on any style track and he will produce a flow that will catch you off guard and fit firmly in the pocket leaving you no choice but to nod your head. Now Koinz possesses the essential elements for hip hop stardom. Whether it's blazing a battle, crafting the next hottest hook to commanding attention with his flash street swagger and carefree attitude, everybody will remember his presence. The flow.the style.the look.Koinz Kaliba. Holla!

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