Klimt 1918

Rome, IT
Artist / Band / Musician
Indie / Rock / New Wave
Prophecy Productions
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David Castillo Mix & Production launch website

Jens Bogren Mastering launch website

Mauro Munzi & Fabrizio Angelini Recording session

Jurij G. Ricotti Keyboards & Pre-productions & Production

Paolo Soellner Artwork & Illustrations launch website

Federico Erra Cover & booklet phots launch website

Enrico Caputo Band photos launch website

Simona Ruggeri Make-up artist launch website

Marco Soellner: vocals & guitars

Paolo Soellner: drums & percussions

Davide Pesola:bass

Francesco Conte:guitars

What is Klimt1918? Klimt1918 is a mix of 80s dark-wave, 90s & 00s indie post-rock and hard rock metal music, that figured in the formation of the band since its origin. It may be this musical grounding that leads the band to suggest that choice. “ Year by year, we find our own direction more,” Marco says. “Our aim is to find an identity following our post-modern way to see, play and compose music. Many influences are mixed, adding many sounds from many kinds of music, creating a hybrid that has kept together through our personalities and our own ideas. Throughout time, we have become acquainted with other sonorities. That’s the reason why our music evolves continuously. I can define our sound as a kind of overlapping of different layers that let our music be various and heterogeneous. These layers take inspiration from pop, rock, post-rock, indie, wave, 80s music and, obviously, metal. We have the same idea of derivative music that some other bands have. They try to create their own identity, learning from the past and mixing it with the present. For that reason we love them and their attitude not as a proper influence but as bands who have walked the same way that now we are trying to do. De-contextualize and hybridize are the mottos of this movement that should be nice to belong.” Everything began in Rome 7 years ago, when vocalist & guitarist Marco Soellner and his brother, Paolo Soellner, drummer, formed Klimt1918 from the ashes of their previous band “Another Day”. They assembled their early material with Davide Pesola on bass and Francesco Tumbarello on lead guitar, resulting in the creation of their first effort “Secession Makes Post Modern Music”, a five track promo recorded in May 2000 at The Outer Sound Studios, in collaboration with Novembre’s drummer Giuseppe Orlando, a stunning engineer and close friend of the band. They didn’t hesitate to promote their work around to magazines, labels and Internet sources. Their efforts did not go unnoticed: the promo became a critical success and gave the band the opportunity to find a label and begin a real musical career. The band’s first signing was a deal with the young, independent label “My Kingdom Music”. During the long path towards the first release, Klimt1918 lost their guitarist Francesco Tumbarello, who left the band for personal reasons. Needing a new guitar player to complete the line up, and to continue preparing material for their debut, they recruited Alessandro Pace, an old friend of the band. After months of hard work and pre-production sessions, the first fruit of the “My Kingdom Music” deal was debuted with the release of "Undressed Memento" in June 2003. “Undressed Memento” saw the band move to a hybrid sound based on emotional atmospheres, wave/rock/metal guitars and a powerful rhythm session. The feedback was so stunning, it was clear Klimt1918 had arrived as a strong force. Most of the Italian and foreign industry mags saw the band as a newcomer in its genre, being able to express a new face of rock-metal influenced by wave sound and emotional music. “Undressed Memento” reached the Orkus top chart at the No. 1 position and honorable mentions in major music magazines allowed the band to stand up and try to make their music a reason of life. September 2004 was an important period for Klimt1918. The band signed a new record deal with the cult German label “Prophecy Productions”. With this new deal, Klimt1918 gained very powerful support in the continued building of their career. In 2005, the band released their next full-length effort, “Dopoguerra”, which could be considered as a “kiss-off” goodbye, literally and metaphorically, to the past and presented a fresh, new approach to post-rock and indie alternative music. Says Marco, “They say you have your whole life to write your first album and a year to write your second. ‘Undressed Memento’ contained 8 years old material and it’s really heterogeneous and sometimes confused as all the debut album often are. ‘Dopoguerra’ has its own direction, it’s more instinctive and spontaneous. First of all it represents a massive step forward from the stylistic point of view and it’s a live-sounding album to date. All the past influences has been reconsidered, in fact the album probably sounds more personal. We are trying to build up a 100% Klimt1918 sound and ‘Dopoguerra’ is a first step to reach this goal.” “‘Dopoguerra’ as a sort of a debut CD, a starting point? As a release in a higher market, probably ‘Dopoguerra’ represents a sort of symbolic debut-album of Klimt1918. On the other side, it’s the second album of our still young career that follows our debut album ‘Undressed Memento’. If your name becomes well known everything you have done before, it’s not considered as well as the current one. We know that ‘Dopoguerra’ wouldn’t be possible without ‘Undressed Memento’ for many reasons.” “We just basically set out to make an album that showcased what our band actually is: post-rock, indie, wave, alternative oriented,” Paolo says. “Dopoguerra” was recorded during the hot summer 2004, with sound man/producer Giuseppe Orlando. The one-month session was long and difficult, but worked out better than anyone could have hoped. The results are stunning. Eventually, the album is also released in a double luxus edition, which includes two CDs: the original “Dopoguerra” album and a second side with acoustic and electronic songs, written and recorded a few months later. With this new release and live shows on their debut tour, they caught the audience and media attention, on a large scale, everywhere. Their name appeared in magazines like “Rolling Stone”, “Vision”, “Rumore”, “Rocksound”, “Mucchio”, “Orkus”, “Zillo”, “Sonic Seducer” and many other important publications, as well as many industry Internet sites.

In June 2006, the band was, once again, faced with changes when

guitarist Alessandro Pace left the band and was replaced by Francesco

Conte, who made his live debut with the band on October 21st, at

Prophecy Productions 10 year festival. This change, however, did not

keep the band from moving full steam ahead. The band headed back to

the studio to record their third release. In June 2008, “Just In Case

We’ll Never Meet AgainSoundtrack for the Cassette Generation” was

released, worldwide, to critical acclaim and extraordinary reviews.
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