Klik Records

Athens, Gr
Record Label / Publishing / Artist Management
Electronica / House / Down-tempo
Klik Records
Klik records was launched in January 2003 and is based in Athens, Greece.
It is home to artists from Greece as well as from the rest of Europe and finds inspiration somewhere among the sounds of electronic music ranging from deep house, tech house, techno, ambient, down tempo, electropop and lounge among others.
Within a period of seven years Klik records has managed to release 70 cds and thus promote and honor the status of top Greek producers such as Dousk, Serafim Tsotsonis , Aris Kokou , Sunset Blvd, Liberto, Blue Pilots Project, Acropod, Chris Nemmo, Nikos Diamantopoulos, Mikael Delta, Ion, Milto Eph & Junior Sp, Alex Dimou, Iνφο, Smokey Bandits,Cayetano and Marsheaux as well as established European projects such as Port Royal, Bermuda Triangle, Timo Mass, Way Out West, Hiroshi Watanabe, Satoshi Fumi, Jonas Bering, Silicone Soul and Scsi 9.
When we first started off on this music "journey" of ours, we already knew that our main aim was the creation of who send out good vibes and positive feelings to everyone.
Our primary wish is to form timeless productions with classy sounds that remain unimpaired through time. sounds that we can listen to with the same pleasure for a long time to come and which continue to bring out the same feelings as on the first listening. That is why we want to highlight music from all over the world to the Greek audience as well as put Greek artists' music on the map -not only in our own country but also abroad.
Above all. KLIK Records was created in order to fulfill music dreams.
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