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BETHNAL GREEN, London and South East, UK
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San City High

Hey I'm Kissy ;-) I'm a designer from Essex who went to Central Saint Martins art college in London but I'm a more of a music producer and electro DJ these days. I'm always touring around various places DJing and sometimes playing with my live band while dodging glow sticks at night clubs - so if you see my name on a poster come and say hello!I've also done a bootleg ep with all proceeds going to British Association of Adoption and Fostering called "Get Busy Tropicana" which you can get on Beatport and in Urban Outfitters stores around the UK.*NEW!* FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: *NEW!*


1. When's this radio show on then?

Glad you asked! Midnight til 2am Thursday nights, BBC Radio 1.

.but Kissy, that's past my bed time!

Don't worry there's the BBC iPlayer for listening online! It's works in other countries too yippee!

2. Where can I get those official remixes you did for Human League, Mark Ronson, Sugababes, Noisettes etc?!

Well many of those remixes which originally got me noticed by the world are on iTunes, Beatport, Ebay, Juno Records etc - but not all of them so let me know if you find them anywhere else ;-)

3. I heard you play a Kissy Klub Version of "Xxxx Xxxx" where can I get a copy?


4. Have you got an album out?

Yes! It's called "YOUTH" and is a concept album about my teenage years growing up in Essex.I've also got a few DJ compilationscoming out soon on San City High so watch this space!

5. What is San City High?

It's my record label that I started while I was at university, and this year I'm looking for fresh unsigned records by You lot to release so if you've got a right banging choon then send me a link to!

6. Where's your hair gone?

I cut it off! I think I look better though now don't you think?

7. I sent an email to get a Kissy Klub badge and the flipping thing never arrived?!

Sorry about that - but god bless you for wanting one! despite having thousands of the things we ran out within a few weeks.

I made an annoucement on the radio show but sounds like lots of peeps missed it so I should of explained it better ;-)

8. Is it really you running this myspace page?

YES! freaks me out when people ask me that! I must admit I do post more frequently on Twitter these days though ;-)

9. In this land of genres, sub-genres and sub-genres of sub-genres, how do you describe the music you play?

Tough questionhow about "Jump-Up Electro Speed Garage with Eddie Van Halen on guitar"?

10. What telly shows are you watching at the moment?

Glad we're covering the heavy weight issues here, I'm watching a lot of Bear Grylls Survivor shows these days and jumping around my studio making tools out of old socks, I'm also big time into Dexter and Lost (still!) ;-)

11. Do you take requests when your DJing?

If I've got it then yes!

11 1/2. I saw you in Tescos the other day buying pic'n'mix sweets, is that all you eat?

Good question, but you should of just come up and asked me in person I'm sure it'd be lovely to meet you!

11 3/4. Will you DJ at my mate Emily's party next week in Berlin? They'll be a box of Quality Streets waiting for you.

Box of sweeties eh! You drive a hard bargain! For any DJ enquiries you're best off sending a email to That hopefully covers most bits and bobs but the most important thing I wanna say is THANK YOU! Having my first remixes pressed onto vinyl while I was still at uni was like a wish come true for me but everything that has happened since has been beyond my wildest dreams, and I wouldn't be writing this if it wasn't for you guys and gals who send me demos, write me nice letters, listen to the radio show and scream/shout/jump around/do the robot at my live gigs!If you're out this weekend come say hello!Lots of love,Kissy x x xP.S.I'm very lucky to have to my own show on BBC Radio 1 and I try and play as many unsigned tracks as possible to pass on the love I got when I first started so if you have any tracks for me then just send a Yousendit or Mediafire link to this myspace page ;-) Kissy's DJ CHART & HOT TIPS: 01. THE SQUATTERS - MONSTER!!!!!CLICK HERE to check it out!!!02. Public Enemy - Night Of The Living Bassheads (Figure's "Brooklyn Fire" Mix) 03. Zeds Dead - White Satin04. Hot Chip - I Feel Better (CapnHarry Bootleg) 05. Taku - I Shake You 06. New Young Pony Club - We Want To (Kissy Klub Version) 07. DJ Bam Bam - Watch The Club Go 08. P.M. Dawn - Set Adrift On Memory Bliss 09. new Jack Beats stuff that I'm not allowed to play on radio yet hehe! 10. Mom & Dad - Judas (Dem Slackers Remix) and one for the road. Toddla T - Rice And Peas (Kissy Klub DnB Version)you can get this track from MY PODCAST!! (click here ;-) Kissy's TOP YOUNG BLOOD/UNSIGNED TRACKS SENT TO THE KISSY KLUB:01. That "Bohemian Rapsody" remix by Schizofonics is trememdous - wish I'd done it! 02. Any remixes by CSY 03. Mindflow - Switched


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Kissy Sell Out - Youth 2009 San City HighThe Noisettes - Wild Young Hearts (Kissy Sell Out's United Dance)2009 MercuryKissy Sell Out - JOANNA 2010 San CIty HighKissy Sell Out & Tinashe - Come On Over (This Could Be Love) 2010 Island

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