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[news]7 January 2009


Despite all the doom and gloom I am feeling very optimistic and excited about 2009. I am kicking off this year working with Esther Alexander producing her second album. We are recording the basic tracks with a live band and a really interesting variety of approaches. We are using a string quartet, accordian, trombone and a woodwind section plus Miles Bould and Mark Neary as the rhythm section. David Clifton on guitars and myself s and programming, I will post some music when we start to mix, we are very excited! I am also working with the european artist Misa Relic in February, completing his album before the summer. This year should see the completion of the huge film project “Anima” that I have been working on for the last year and a half. We have recorded the underscore with the LSO at Abbey Road and completed all the rough mixes in Milan which Fabrizio Ferri will film to. A new song that I co-wrote with Sting and Fabrizio called “Where Do They Go” is a standout moment. I trust you will have a peaceful and healthy year ahead.

My best Kip
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