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At a KingBilly show, you’ll experience something completely different—a blend of high, lonesome bluegrass harmonies, bluesy lap steel and the country equivalent of AC/DC power riffs. It’s all fused into a seamless whole as tight and dynamic as the Blue Angels in flight. The five band members are equally adept at pickin’ and writin’; like deep-sea anglers, they throw back the good tunes and only keep the great ones. KingBilly can and will play just about anything, as long as it’s good. To a male fan who knows his pickers, these guys are lively, inquisitive and engaging. To the fairer sex, they’re hot, fun and put on one hell of a live show. KingBilly is determined to forge an innovative path to success while maintaining the integrity of the music.

Hailing from all over this great land of ours—North Dakota, Maryland, Arkansas, Florida and Georgia—the future members of KingBilly followed their shared destiny to Nashville, bringing their talents and dreams along for the ride. All five speak the same language as well as sharing an ability to communicate without the need for words. They’re single-minded, super-tight and totally badass.

As anyone who’s been to a KingBilly show will enthusiastically tell you, this band—Donny Fallgatter (vocals), Kevin Weaver (drums), Josh Matheny (dobro, lap steel, guitar, vocals), Matt Utterback (bass, vocals) and John Osborne (guitar, vocals)—has created something vital as a unit, a brand of rockin’ country that connects with both sexes in equal measure. The band’s infectious, youthful energy is unlimited, as is their artistic ceiling, and they’re well on their way to realizing their collective dream.

The development of KingBilly is a revolutionary undertaking—a wall-to-wall partnership that encompasses the publishing and production capabilities of Chrysalis Music Publishing; the marketing/branding/digital expertise of MySpace Music; the mass-marketing clout of Great American Country (GAC), which continues to provide the group with ongoing national TV exposure to 77 million homes; and the company that keeps them working on the road, APA Nashville. No other country act today has a more complete arsenal of resources, and there’s literally no precedent for this direct-partnership arrangement.

KingBilly played north of 300 shows in the last year and the guys are itching to get back out on the road so they can continue to spread the music and good times. There’s nothing they crave more than the chance to play for fans and first-timers across the country.

The band released a digital EP in October, followed by a single to radio in February. The band’s just-completed debut album project, produced by Trey Bruce, will be released sometime in the first quarter. The band is primed to hit the ground running, thanks to the ongoing exposure provided by GAC and MySpace Music.

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