Kimya Dawson

olympia, Washington, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Indie / Folk / Punk
K , popfrenzy, important , rough trade
I have 6 solo albums called (in order)- I'm Sorry That Sometimes I'm Mean (Rough Trade Records), Knock-Knock Who? (Important Records), My Cute Fiend Sweet Princess (Important Records), Hidden Vagenda (K Records), Remember That I Love You (K Records), and Alphabutt (K Records). You should buy them from independent record stores. Not big scary corporate music stores. If the independent stores don't have them ask them to order them for you. They can do that. The little record shops will appreciate your support, even if they are weirdos that don't know how to show it.

I also have 2 albums with my old band The Moldy Peaches (Rough Trade Records). The first album is appropriately called The Moldy Peaches. The second is a double album called Unreleased Cutz and Live Jamz (Rough Trade Records). There is also a Moldy Peaches song on the Juno soundtrack. The Moldy Peaches Fan Page is in my top friends and in the top friends of the fan page you can find all of the members of The Moldy Peaches and see what they are doing these days.

I have an album that I recorded with a bunch of my friends in France called Antsy Pants (Plan-It-X Records). Antsy Pants is the name of the band and the album. Antsy Pants is also in my top friends. Check it out. There are some Antsy Pants songs in Juno too. Totally crazy, right?!

My friend Jeffrey Lewis (super fucking amazing songwriter, and in my top friends) and I wrote some songs together a few years ago and sometimes play together (with his brother Jack and Anders Griffen). Together we are called The Bundles. There is a new Bundles album coming VERY SOON on K Records!!!

Me, my brother Akida Junglefoot Dawson, and Adam Green recorded a bunch of R&B songs way back when under the name AKA. One of those songs is on the Unreleased Cutz album. The rest are in the vault until further notice.

Also in the vault is an album of classic americana rock called Titanium Heart and The Chains Of Love, that I recorded with my friend Matt Rouse. There is one song from that on each of my first two solo albums, and one is in the film Glue, directed by Alexis Dos Santos from Argentina. These songs are almost too epic for human consumption. Maybe one day we will deem you strong enough to handle the whole album.

I have done some recording singing on other peoples stuff too. I have sung on Solid Ground by Akida Junglefoot Dawson, Sha Sha by Ben Kweller, Attention All Pickpockets by The Mountain Goats, Self Righteous by Third Eye Blind, and Bed Bed Bed (the book version) by They Might Be Giants. I have also sang on a couple of Matty Pop Chart songs, and a Terrordactyls song, and probably some other stuff I am forgetting.

I have been lucky to have a bunch of my favorite people sing and perform on my songs. The list is huge. Buy my albums and read the liner notes and you will see what I mean.

My favorite recent collaboration is with Tiny Masters of Today. They are brother and sister kids named Ivan and Ada and they kick so much ass. I sing on two songs on their album and a song on their single. Their album makes Panda dance and play air drums. Only totally amazing shit could make a little baby rock the air drums. And this album isn't just like cute kid stuff. It is political and brave and powerful. Check them out in my top friends. Buy the record.

Here are some videos of Panda when she was soooo tiny.



Oh yeah, if you have babies in your life and you feel bad about putting all those diapers into landfills you should consider cloth diapering. I am obsessed with it. There are some diapers, like GOODMAMAS that are so soft I rub them all over my face. Those are the cream of the diaper crop. They are not all that expensive and hard to come by (though even at that price if you buy a good stash you will still spend less $$ in the long run than you do on disposables). There are lots of good cheap diapers out there and you can even get them used for even cheaper. Check out Diaper Swappers for tons of information and to meet some great mamas to help you get started. But beware, diapering can become an addiction. But its an addiction you can feel good about by knowing you are doing good for the planet and your babies bottom, all while supporting crafters and mama run small business.

Our choices are powerful. Support small business.
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