Kimberly Quinn

nashville, Tennessee, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Acoustic / Pop / Folk Rock
I moved to nashville almost ten years ago. Moving was the start of a long journey to find myselfmusically and personally. As of late, I have accomplished both. I grew up on strictly country music and moved to nashville with the idea that I wanted to be a country music superstar. However, somewhere along my journey I traded my acoustic guitar for an electric and discovered that I like to rock. Music is an outlet for extension of my emotions. It always has been since learning to play the guitar at age 8, and writing my first song at age 9. I write about my heartbreaks, things that piss me off, and melodies that I want to dance to. I play my guitar hard because thats how i feel it. I want anyone and everyone who hears me or sees me play live to feel the same hurt, love, angst, and passion that i feel.and I want them to lose themselves in the music.escape for a moment from their personal reality.and let go. so do it.
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