Artist / Band / Musician
Hardcore / Metal
R.I.P. 2004-2012

Killing Option, geographically stated in Slovenia (Lasko/Celje), they create an energetic atmosphere of powerfull fast riffs, nice melodic guitar melodies with surgical precision that quickly disrupt into dark heavy breakdowns spiced up with furious screaming vocals. Band was officialy formed in late 2004, but the band has it's roots way back. Most members started playing in local bands somewhere in 1999-2002 but most of those bands had a short life-expectancy. In 2005 the band recorded 5 songs which they self released on an EP (»Faced with death«), After that they start booking shows and played as much as they could over Europe(Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Chezk republic, Italy,.)and their home country Slovenia.
Some bands that they have shared the stage with: Parkway drive(AUS), Millencolin(SWE), Heaven Shall Burn(GER), Dead to fall(USA), Ion Dissonance(USA), The Secret(ITA), Throught the eyes of the dead(USA), Raging speedhorn(UK), Twelve tribes(USA), Bridge to solace(HUN), Undying(USA), The Exploited(UK), Toy dolls(UK), From dawn to fall(AUT), Julith Krishun(GER), NINE(SWE), Path of no return(SWE), Sunrise(POL), Insense(NOR), XREPRESENTX(USA), Locomotive(CZ), The Architect(NL), Protest Urban(ROM), The hollowed pledge(AUT), Asunto(CHI), The End of sixthousand Years(ITA), Overflow(CRO), 5Symbols(CZ), 100%Cotton(AUT), Enliven(ITA), The Old Four(CZ), The Death Of Ana Karina(ITA), Crosscheck(CZ), Eternal tango(LUX), Behind your fears(HUN), Coronary(AUT), Senata Fox(CRO), Born again(CZ), Have no Choice(HUN), Jakuzis Attempt(AUT), Punchline(AUT), In cruel(CZ), The vellocet effect(AUT), Hidden layer(CRO), Dimitrij(AUT), Amok(CRO), No More Fear(ITA), Death by hanging(IT), Chaos disorder(IT), Old hate(IT), To the embers(IT), Deathplagued(AUT), Out of plumb, Billysi, Fightcast(IT), Deafness by noise(CRO), Vostok room(HUN), Inside process(ITA), STROJMACHINE, In the crossfire, Red five point star, A murder theory, INTERCEPTOR, Sabaum, Kreshes nepitash, Sweet sorrow, Minotaver, Leaf-fat, God damn it, boys, With engine heart, Human host body, Final aproach, Golliwog, Kennybal Smith, Riped fire, Evenrain, Elodea, Curse of instinct, No limits, Akadeia, Lacn kurci, ATOF, Dickless tracy, Aktivna propaganda, KKxHC united, Vaginal herpes, By default, Evelyn, Diecut, Slovinjen, Aron knows, Salvation is near, Kaoz, Šus, Kud idijoti, Growing rats, TLOTH, Theory tomorrowand much more and more.
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