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Formed deep within the warfare riddled rock 'n roll trenches of Melbourne, the KILLERBIRDS swiftly launched their incendiary assault on the greater Australian music scene with their snarling, growling, 'cranked up blend of 70's Runaways, brash 80's hard rock and 90's grunge revisionism', playing alongside the likes of Cosmic Psychos, Celibate Rifles, The Supersuckers, Bored!, Airbourne, Magic Dirt and The Living End.

Packing enough distortion to strip the enamel off teeth, the band's grungy and impenetrable wall of noise references the stripped down, aggressively raw sounds of Seattle stalwarts Mudhoney, the down-tuned stoner rock sludge of Kyuss, along with the filthy, balls-to-the-wall sleaze of Turbonegro and Black Sabbath.

Fiercely independent from the outset, the appeal of the band's visceral live sound was further unleashed in their self funded second EP, My Mind's A War Zone, strengthening the three piece's already commanding reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

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Review: Beat Magazine September, 2009

Greyhound Aug 2008 Pics by Tim C


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Review, Adelaide may 2008


12:35AM as I arrive at The Crown & Anchor: Adelaide's very own answer to New York's CBGB. And just like that wacky oldskool punk institution, we could've sworn THIS place got shut down almost two years ago too, only that no one thought to tell any of the hundreds of people packed in here tonight.

Yup they've been out here tonight right from the start, out in force, up to the ceiling and crawling the walls. A seething sea of thrashing fists and gnashing teeth…………………………….And stupidly enough I thought now would be as good a time as any to go charging right into the eye of this storm: point black, dead centre, no room to move, no room to breathe, where nothing short of a bunker busting bomb and a stampeding herd of rhinos will get me out again. Fuck yeah, the only place to be! Welcome to the KillerBirds…………………… picture an all-girl punk band, the white noise fury of Nirvana's "Bleach", Motörhead, a few chance sprinkles of Hole, L7, The Distillers, The Donnas (and a whole thesaurus of other thrashing chick rockers who likely sound nothing like them as I have nothing but lame comparisons); turn up those amps until the air sucks out've the room and prepare for your ribcage to be beaten concave by the swinging fists YES!…………. they pack enough rocket fuel to punch your smoking corpse through the moon and into the centre of the sun, they thrash it out so ridiculously loud tonight all our brains are popping off like kernels of popcorn; and sometimes, duuuude that's all we need!

Courtesy of Spoz
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