Kid Deposit Triumph

Artist / Band / Musician
Metal / Hardcore / Experimental
This groundbreaking five piece hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, weaves the diverse sounds of hardcore, punk, metal and video game music, into a breathtaking web of what some have described as "Arena-Core".Blending their powerful and intoxicating melodies with earth-shattering and brutal rhythms, KDT, as they are known by their fans, pour everything they have emotionally, musically and physically into an explosively energetic stage show, destroying anything that stands in their way. Without compromising their integrity, Kid Deposit Triumph is able to write material that pleases the masses, yet is still unremorsefully vicious and destructive, which becomes apparent with one listen of the group's debut E.P., "Our Peace Will Destroy Many". To further push the boundaries, the group released their latest E.P. entitled "Hangin' Tough". Using heart-stopping drum beats, rhythmic and melodic bass lines combined with searing and intricate guitar work,and vocals that range from solemn whispers to primal screams and gutteral growls, Kid Deposit Triumph proves they are able to formulate music that registers on a visceral level. It seems the formula that works best Kid Deposit Triumph is to have no formula at all.
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