K Family

OLYMPIA, Washington, US
Artist / Band / Musician
K - as not just a record label but as a place where artists find a community.

A central part of the record label is its collaborative aspect. Every one of our active bands has in some way been a part of or working with another K band. While all of the bands are creating distinctively different music they continually work together and derive creative input and inspiration form one another. The result is a unique environment for all of the artists where the creative outlet can be seen or rather heard in so many ways. While it is not uncommon for band members to have solo projects or collaborate with other artists, there has yet to be so much interaction within one label of so many artists.

The interaction that happens in the creation stages of the music also manifests itself in live performances. Perhaps because of the artists' familiarity with recruiting those around them, audience members often find themselves in the band for an evening or even be asked to perform a solo. Although many of the artists tour solo they are rarely alone in a performance
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