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Ketsa is End Daze Recordings, west London's latest electronica label. With the aim of documenting music, art and research in the fifth age of Maya, Ketsa has been hard at work. Six albums completed, his compositions have been compared to Plaid and Boards of Canada (DJmag Nov07, Epoch Times,05/05/07, Clash magazine edition 33) though Ketsa maintains a unique sound of his own, layered ambiences blend with clattering beats, and the use of live instruments and percussion also prevalent through his works. He is lucky enough to count Black Dog, Radio 1's Pathaan, Steve Kavanagh from the Irish Daily Star as fans. Please check for news, art, music and more!
Ketsa and End Daze Recordings are distributed exclusively by EPM online, and available from all digital distributors.

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'Thoughts' ketsa solo album out on Soapsud city 14/05/07, 'End Daze' out 19/10/07, and the 'remix and re edits' album out 22/12/07

Buy Ketsa tracks here:

Call me later:Shaolin: Funky Monkeys vol1 Primate Endangered Species/feat Ade Fenton
The Mean Green EP: Shaolin: Hydrophonic Recordings feat UK Gold
Aerial Assault EP: Extec: Shaolin remix / Jel Ford rmx
Wackin Thrush: Shaolin: The Blue Ep / feat Extec / Ben Long
Hirakian: Shaolin: The new strain EP
Tweedledum: Shaolin: Funky Monkeys Vol2 Primate Endangered Species/feat DJ ESP,Adam Jay
Soapsud City compilation: Pgian,house of the green eye (UTK)
Thoughts(album): Ketsa/ Soapsud City
End Daze (album): Ketsa/ Soapsud City
Remix and Reedits(album): Ketsa snd friends/ Soapsud City
Mutan Records feat KLF: Ketsa; Reach
Sudup and Dance 1: Shaolin
Sudup and Dance 2: Shaolin
Aquarius Unfolds: Ketsa/ End Daze Recordings
Enoch's Constellation: Ketsa/ End Daze Recordings
Eleven: Ketsa/ BFW Recordings
Voodoocore ep: Ketsa/Afrolafamilia/Killa Priest/Wu-Tang

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