Ken Yokoyama (Ken Band)

Tokyo, JP
Artist / Band / Musician
Pop Punk / Punk / Country
Pizza Of Death
First of all, who the fuck is Ken Yokoyama? Is this a solo project? Is this a band?

Well, I would say, it's more like a band, if you think it's a solo project, and more like a solo project if you think it's a band. That is to say, it's somewhere in between a band and a solo project.

As for Ken Yokoyama, he started his career as a guitar player back in the late 80's. In 1991, he formed a band called Hi-Standard, and toured all over Japan, North America and Europe until 2000, when they disbanded (get it? band … disbanded … a band that disbanded … never mind). They left the world with three full length albums on Fat Wreck Chords.

After a few years of concentrating on running his own label, Pizza Of Death Records, Ken came back to the stage supporting his 1st solo album on which he sings and plays guitar.

In 2004, Ken formed his own band, known as the Ken Band, which keeps busy by putting out albums, playing shows and touring like crazy.

(L to R)"The Cost Of My Freedom", "How Many More Times (EP)", "Nothin' But Sausage"

(L to R)"Not Fooling Anyone (EP)", "Backstage Pass (DVD)", "Third Time's A Charm"

New live DVD "Dead at Budokan". Artwork's done by legendly Coop. Putting out on 2008.6.18.

Now we don't have distributions outside of Japan.(We are looking for a label who can work with us outside of Japan)

If you are interested in our music and want to buy CDs, visit INTERPUNK website.

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Ken Yokoyama "Let The Beat Carry On" ?PV?

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