Kenya Hathaway

LOS ANGELES, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Indie / Jazz / Ambient
Pink Star Records
There are so many complex layers and depth to this singer/songwriter's voice and music that one must listen very

carefully many times to absorb what she brings in her message. At first listen, one hears a delicate and silken voice floating above jazzy

melodies. However, if one pays closer attention, one hears underlying this delicateness is an omnipresent current of pulsating strength that is both lush and effervescent. This pure, fresh and whimsical voice carries with it an age-old wisdom and stability.

Kenya's music is quietly invigorating and full of complex hues that are subtle yet definitively present and in the moment. Calm and healing, this music draws out hope and inspiration from within the soul. Her compositions are sublime and evoke images of the compositions of Debussy, whom had influenced her own father's work. It is impossible to entirely grasp all of the intricacies of her songs; one can get lost in their swirling depths. Perhaps they just reflect the larger picture of life in that we are all human living on this earth eternally trying to see and understand.

~Marie-Eleana First 2006

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