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DJ/Producer Kenny Hawkes has been a pioneering influence on the British dance scene for over 20 years. As a kid growing up in Brighton, Kenny soaked up the sounds of Motown, Ska, Hip Hop, Dub Reggae. As soon as he hit 18 he disappeared off to Southern Europe, where he spent endless hours developing his DJ skills by playing at some of Europe's most notorious after hours clubs.

He returned home in the early 90s, skint and unknown, and stumbled across a Pirate Radio Station called 'Girls FM'. It wasn't long before Kenny moved to London and joined the station - and in no time 'Girls FM' was attracting up to a million listeners a month with him as the station manager steering its musical direction.

Due to Kenny's natural grasp of quality music, 'Girls FM' became the most legendary underground dance music station that London had ever heard. It soon boasted 22 DJs, one of whom was Luke Solomon (of current 'Freaks' fame) who soon became Kenny's friend and fellow resident at London's longest running mid-week house club, 'Space' at Bar Rumba, which they ran together for 7 years. Kenny and Luke prided themselves on bringing some of the world's greatest spinners to play along side them, DJ's like Harvey, Stacey Pullen, Tom Middleton, Kevin Saunderson, Carl Cox, Derrick May, DJ Heather, François Kevorkian, DJ Sneak, Doc martin, Mark Farina, Cajmere and Derrick Carter, the list goes on and on, it's more of a case of "Who didn't play there"!

Nowadays Kenny is busy DJing across the globe, from Belgium, New York, Portugal, Paris, Australia, Chicago and Spain to San Francisco, and Southern Asia, holding down residencies at the legendary 'Centro Fly' in New York, 'Smart Bar' in Chicago, his own infamous 'Fridays R Firin' at Plastic People in London, 'Café D' Anvers' in Belgium and currently Stompa Phunk in Brighton.

Kenny is probably as famous for his productions as he is his DJing with several classics under his belt that are a permanent fixture in many DJ box, such as 'Ashley's War', 'Sleaze Walking', 'Play the Game' featuring Louise Carver and 'Dance With Me' featuring Marcel and Kimra, plus an array of remixes.
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More recently Kenny has teamed up with David Parr, to produce exclusive tracks for Rekids, Arcobaleno and 20:20 Vision. The pair are being touted as "one of the hottest new production partnerships around", producing insanely catchy electronic house music that is deep and melodic, crossing the electro deep- and tech-house divides.

As fashions change and music evolves, Kenny has established himself as one of the most respected and consistently creative house DJs in the world. His sets always have an air of quality, flowing through different styles of music – modern soul - jackin' house - minimal tech - Detroit techno – and mark him as a true house DJ with depth and soul.

Interview with Keith Reilly, owner of Fabric nightclub, London, talking about his inspiration for starting the Super Club:

"I remember very clearly telling Kenny Hawkes that I loved his club, Space at Bar Rumba (pivotal London house mid-weeker circa 1995-2002), so much that I wanted to replicate its amazing underground vibe, but at weekends and for 2000 people! I'm glad you found out about that actually… I love Kenny Hawkes as a DJ, and loved Space as a night; that really deep, hypnotic style of house, with everyone in the groove, that was really amazing - and you couldn't get that at the weekend in London at the time, you really couldn't. I've got the highest regard for Kenny, actually, he's someone I regard as having total integrity and real talent; a real unsung hero of the UK house scene, in fact."
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