Kelly Archer

Nashville, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Country / Rock / Pop
I am a singer. I am a songwriter. Why? Well, that's just where I landed. I hopped in my 88 Mazda 323 on Jan 7th 2001 and drove across the country with no plan, just a gut feeling like I was pointed in the right direction. So far, my gut was right. You can trace the last 8 years through my song catalogue. Nashville isn't your typical town and the 'music business' isn't your typical business. I'm adapting as I go and i'm figuring things out as I go, most of the time with a smile on my face. I have big goals and places I want to go that expand beyond my music and Tennessee but I know already that there will come a day when I will miss the days of struggle and trial and error. The days in my crappy/cute little apartment, learning new chords, and trying to be a business woman when most of the time I still feel like a kid. I am happy to say I care alot more about what the music lovers, the country bar patron's, CD buyer's, concert goers, and country music festival beer drinker's think of my song's then those here on the row. I hope more then anything that I can look back and have a great story to tell. I have recently signed as a staff writer with Combustion
Music Publishing and I am very grateful for the opportunity to continue my treck out here in Nashville. :) I have had some great success lately on country radio, GAC and CMT which have helped put me into my first house.YAY!. I'm looking forward to getting back into the studio and recording my record this year as well. I'll keep you all posted :)
I have a GREAT family without whom I wouldn't be doing what I am doing. I have a wonderful support system of friends out here too. We are cheerleaders for one another and that is crucial. I Love my friends!! I also have a gorgeous Australian Shepherd named Lizzie and a fat and friendly cat named Roja but pronounced 'Roger w/an english accent.
I hope you enjoy the tunes and if you catch a show I hope you have a great time.
To all of those who take the time to leave me messages and comments and come to the shows and sing alongYOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW IMPORTANT YOU ARE!!!! THANK YOU
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