Carol Brice sings from "The Grass Harp" - LIVE! - (3) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Feb 10, 2011
Here is the fabulous black American contralto Carol Brice singing songs from the final performance of the musical "The Grass Harp" on 6 November 1971.

1. "If There's Love Enough" 0:00
2. "Marry with Me" 2:24
3. "Indian Blues" 5:37

Catherine Creek: Carol Brice
Dolly Talbo: Barbara Cook
Collin Talbo: Russ Thacker
Verena Talbo: Ruth Ford
Dr. Morris Ritz: Max Showalter
Judge Cool: John Baragrey
Maude Riordan: Christine Stabile
Babylove: Karen Morrow
Sheriff Amos Legrand: Harvey Vernon

Lust is a big element in the show. No one does it better than the lively and lusty Carol Brice. Barbara Cook can be very spirited as well. The show's promiscuity and "free love" theme still come through in this audience recording. This is not the soundtrack. Back then, in this production, the singers performed without amplification. Ah, the good ol' days!

Link to my Carol Brice playlist:
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