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Karmarouge Records
Karmarouge Records is successfully engaging as a music label and booking agency in electronic music for two years now. Karmarouges Philosophy is to release intelligent and valuable productions, to discover young talented artists and to support them. Above that Karmarouges declared goals are to convince with innovation and authenticity in marketing. An example for that is the Vegetable Orchestra Remix Trilogy. Deeply enrooted in technoculture Karmarouge is representing Colognes 3rd generation of electronic music producers and presents high-quality releases sympathetically independent of the reigning Dom-Sound, completely club compatible techno-hummer, which played themselves pressure full and melodically in the playlists of all the top DJs.The inspiration and motivation for Karmarouges creative output is the musical genre of Minimal-House and -Techno or simply Minimal. Karmarouges productions are marked by playfulness, musical diversity, emotional warmth, driving grooves and dazzlingly beautiful melodies.

In November 2005 Karmarouge Records has launched a new imprint called Karmarouge Noir. Like on Karmarouge this new baby is all about the love for music and details. While Karmarouge is mainly devoted to warm and friendly themes, Karmarouge Noir will deal with abstract darkish influences and themes of electronic music.Musically this is expressed by raw functional and sometimes even classical sound structures. Karmarouge Noir is going to be aggressive but also relaxed. Karmarouge Noir will be received ice cold but also heated, funny but also annoying. Simply genius or seriously ill? On the content side Karmarouge Noir wont reduce itself to Acid Knarz, there will be kicking beats and driving grooves in the center of attention. Four-to-the-floor and always around 130bpm.What ever the future will bring, whatever will be, one thing is for sure - Karmarouge is constantly moving on its chosen path and will delight the community with first class releases and addictive Label nights.

Karmarouge discography

kr29 - Daniel Mehlhart - Kamasutra

kr28 - Pascal FEOS - Return 2 zero

kr27 - Gabriel Ananda - Stream of consciousness

kr26 - Max Cavalerra - Luck'n'Love

kr25 - Daniel Mehlhart - Am Anfang war es minimal

kr24 - Gabriel Ananda - Bambusbeats - Album

kr23 - Sian - Virgin Snake

kr22 - Gabriel Ananda - Gluecksmelodie Contest Remix EP

kr21 - Alexander Roland - Auftrieb

kr20 - Gabriel Ananda - Während die anderen den Müll rausbrachten

kr19 - Sian - Gypsy Life

kr18 - Ihre persönliche Glücksmelodie Rmx (D. Eulberg, Freeform Five)

kr17 - Cio D'Or - Lichtblick

kr16 - Brightlight - Cherry Popper

kr15.2 Gabriel Ananda - Ihre persönliche Glücksmelodie (Extended Live)

kr15.1 Gabriel Ananda - Ihre persönliche Glücksmelodie (Original)

kr14 - Vegetable Orchestra Rmx Trilogy - Vol.3 (R. Villalobos, Luciano)

kr13 - Tai nasha no karosha Rmx (Frank Martiniq, Metope, G. Ananda)

kr12 - Brightlight - Past Midnight

kr11 - Vegetable Orchestra Rmx Trilogy - Vol.2 (Basteroid, O. Hacke)

kr10 - Gabriel Ananda - Tai nasha no karosha (Album)

kr09 - Artificial - Artificial Plastico

kr08 - Vegetable Orchestra Rmx Trilogy - Vol.1 (Martini Brös, G. Ananda)

kr07 - Alex C. Multhaup - Snapdragon

kr06 - Maik Loewen - Mezcal

kr05 - Gabriel Ananda - Atropa Belladonna

kr04 - Gabriel Ananda - Black Coffee

kr03 - Graziano Avitabile - Inua Nova

kr02 - Gabriel Ananda - Wild Cherry

kr01 - Gabriel Ananda - For Love

Karmarouge Noir discography

kr_noir06 - Pablo Akaros - Karmarouge Noir Six

kr_noir05 - Salmon - Karmarouge Noir Five

kr_noir04 - Gabriel Ananda - Karmarouge Noir Four

kr_noir03 - Franklin De Costa - Karmarouge Noir Three

kr_noir02 - Pablo Akaros - Karmarouge Noir Two

kr_noir01 - Franklin De Costa - Karmarouge Noir One

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